Author: Rebecca Minor

New Home Checklist: 9 Things To Do After Purchasing A House

Purchasing property is generally a complicated process that leaves many buyers feeling drained. Hiring a real estate agent, fixing up and listing a home, and finding a new place to live can take a lot of time and energy. By the time closing arrives, most homeowners eagerly hire a moving truck and unload their belongings as soon as possible. In the rush to finally move in, they forget to prepare their home for its new occupants. Before spending the first night in the new abode, homeowners should tackle a few key updates, preparations, and items on the new home checklist. It’ll simplify the moving transition and make your property a safe and enjoyable location. Copy important housing documents. Immediately after closing on the home, buyers should make multiple copies of their home closing documents. Real estate agents will typically make additional copies if asked, or buyers can visit the local FedEx or Kinkos. Store the originals in a secure location, like a safe-deposit box at a trusted financial institution, and make at least one copy accessible in the new home. For additional security, use a fireproof safe. Some home insurance providers may ask for a copy of the documents as they set up coverage, so it’s essential to make these copies as soon as possible. Replace every lock. New homeowners should also change manual locks found around the property;...

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Making Home Repairs Before Selling

Think you have some repairs to get done before you sell your house? You might be right! Houses are complicated — made up of innumerable mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components that can unexpectedly break at any moment. Tack on regular deterioriation and home maintenance challenges, and the need for home repairs can morph into an anxiety-inducing nightmare. From making major home renovations to attempting to fix smaller cosmetic issues, updating a property before selling can become a stressful undertaking with a variety of construction costs and necessary knowledge to get the job done. Don’t fret! With a little guidance,...

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