Real Estate Photography: Showing Property Strengths through Pictures

If you are looking to sell your home, apartment, or commercial property, there is nothing more important than presentation.  This means that in order to get top Dollar for your real estate assets, you will need to put your best foot forward and really show the value of the property in visual terms.  

The rise of the internet has been great for the property markets because it allows homeowners to reach a larger number of potential buyers with relative ease.  It also allows us to show all aspects of the property through the use of pictures and video so that your buyers know what to expect when they are thinking about making a potential purchase.  Real estate agents that are able to maximize the benefits of these tools will be able to attract more eyeballs to your listing — and this creates better chances for a ‘bidding war’ that could ultimately fetch you a sale price that is above your initial asking value.  

Enhancing Curb Appeal

If you are new to the real estate market, it is important to understand the term curb appeal, as this is one of the most critical factors in a buyer’s assessment of your property.  How does your home look from the road?  Is the house situated on an attractive street with many nice houses in the area?  If so, use this to your advantage!

Curb appeal is a highly sought-after value in any property as this is the first thing a person will notice when looking at your house or traveling through the neighborhood.  If your property is lacking curb appeal, it is highly likely that your potential buyer will become disinterested rather quickly.   Simple laws of supply and demand tell us that if more people are interested in your home, the final purchase price will likely be much higher (maybe even higher than your original asking price).  Factors like curb appeal can increase the number of potential buyers for your home, and this will allow you to have greater control in getting a purchase price that you find acceptable.

Think About Your Potential Buyer

Anytime you are listing a home for sale, it is important to think about the person or family that is most likely to make the purchase.  Here, it is a good idea to try to get yourself into the mind of your buyer.  What will they need in a home?  Is this a vacation home, or a full-time residential property?  Is this a family home where child safety and play areas will be a requirement for the buyer?  These are all factors that will have to be considered before anyone is actually able to purchase your property.

You can use the photographs in your home listing to emphasize these potential strengths.  This means that more is better in terms of the number of photographs that should be shown.  Of course, it is not a good idea to take many photographs that are similar, as this can create the feeling that your home is boring when pictures are overly redundant.  Try to take as many different angles as possible, and show the strengths of your home in full detail.  Do not make the mistake of taking too few pictures, as this will suggest that your home does not have much to offer to your potential buyers.

Don’t Forget Video!

When we think about the term ‘photography,’ it usually conjures the concept is still pictures.  But now that we all have the ability to take high-quality videos on our mobile devices, it is important to use these tools to our advantage as well.  Most advertising areas for real estate properties will allow you to embed videos with little or no technical knowledge, so there is really no excuse for using these tools in showing the true strength and beauty of your home listing.  

When you are making a video to show your home, you can do a walk-through where you actually show your potential buyer what it is like to walk through the property.  Be sure to cover all the rooms in your house and to even go outside into the yard in order to show the full experience of what it would be like to live there.  You can even do a video showing of your entire street so that your potential buyers can experience what it is like to live in your neighborhood.  It is always a good idea to give your buyer as much information as possible as this is likely to spur interest and to make it clear that this is a property they will truly want to live in for an extended period of time.  

In all, real estate photos and videos offer an excellent way of reaching a buyer through your listings.  Research shows that potential buyers are far more likely to click on your property listing if there are sufficient pictures to show the home’s true value.  Without this, it is more likely that your home will not get the attention it needs to fetch a purchase price that is acceptable to you.  Be sure to use these tools to your advantage when listing your home for sale.