Are you looking for an easy and inexpensive DIY project that can increase the value of your home almost overnight?

Painting is not only one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects there is, but it’s also the number one DIY project that can make a tremendous impact on the value of your home. That’s because a new coat of paint goes a long way toward making that positive first impression if you’re going to put your house on the market for sale.

But . . . there’s a right way and a wrong way to paint your home.

Let’s take a look at a few general guidelines to follow so that you can get the most from your fresh paint, and how to choose colors that will keep your home looking like something out of Architectural Digest for years to come!

Rule #1 – Avoid bright, loud colors

If you’re trying to sell your house you want to make it easy for people to imagine that they already live in your home. To see where their furniture will go, which walls they’ll hang their artwork on, and how their entertainment system will fit in your space.

With that in mind, painting your rooms in bright, primary colors like yellow and red are almost always big mistakes.

Rule #2 – Paint the ceiling

You’ll be amazed and what a difference painting your ceiling white will make. The room will seem larger and brighter, and the walls will seem higher. That’s because a white ceiling tends to disappear, leaving the eye to focus on the walls, furnishings and decor.

Plus, painting the ceiling is something that people almost never, ever do. Buyers will appreciate your attention to detail and the care you’ve put into your house.

Rule #3 – Accent paint the doors & trim

Using accent paint on the doors, baseboards and trim will improve the entire appearance of the room. Accenting simply means choosing a paint color that will contrast nicely with the wall colors you’ve chosen.

Usually when people take on a DIY painting project they gloss over these parts of the room, or even paint the trim and baseboards the same color as the wall. The smart use of accent paint will help the room to stand out, and also help to make that positively perfect impact on a buyer that you’re looking for.

Rule #4 – Trendy colors rule

Avoid loud and brash, but other than that don’t hold back. Successfully using trendy colors means not being shy. So don’t be afraid to be bold. Buyers will be proud to own a home that has the newest, trendiest colors that they’ve seen on TV.

Modern, pastel colors such as light pink, spring green and peach blush work perfectly when used against doors and trim painted white. Although these colors go back to days gone by, they’re very popular with the millennials who will be looking at your home.

Next to painting your walls with pastels, blue, blue and more blue is the way to go. If you’ve chosen a warm earth tone or neutral color for your walls, use a deep, dark navy blue as an accent color for the door trim or baseboards.

Another great place to go blue is in the kitchen or dining room.

Interior designers will tell you that a smart combination of dark and bright colors works perfectly in these two rooms of your home. Remember, there’s no reason that the walls have to all be the same color here. Consider painting one wall a dark, pearl blue offset by walls of pastel lime or cumulus gray.

Now, if all of this sounds too complicated or too artistic for a do-it-yourself paint job, it’s really not.

Make a quick trip down to your local home improvement center, head over to the paint section, and you’ll be amazed at how easy painting your home yourself can be. Color charts, paint samples, and all of the tools you’ll need to transform your home into an absolute show piece with some of today’s hottest decorating ideas will be right at your finger tips.

Even if you’ve never held a paint brush before, you’ll be surprised at how easy a DIY painting project can be.

In fact, you might love your newly painted home so much, you’ll change your mind about selling it!